How are the Programs Implemented?

The following are suggested steps to ensure the successful implementation of PASS/Mini PASS programs:

  1. Accept the program as a viable, alternative means for students to earn full or partial credit that best meets local/state needs.
  2. Assess student needs and match available program courses to these needs.
  3. Select ways and means of delivering the programs to students -- where, when and how.
  4. Provide the student/s with program information to facilitate the decision to participate in the PASS/Mini PASS program or not.
  5. Arrange for instructional contact person/s to serve the student/s selected.
  6. Provide inservice training as needed to contact personnel.
  7. Order courses for students to be served.
  8. Schedule student-teacher contact time.
  9. Complete all records and reports upon termination of each course.
  10. Dispose of used student activity books.